My License isn't validating


Just bought a new licence for the theme X and tried to validate as per the instructions in the knowledgebase, but not working.

I copied the licence (----) and pasted into the area ‘Input Code and Hit Enter’. The message returned after trying to validate was:

Uh oh, we couldn’t check if this license was valid. Details.
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There were actually no details.

Can I have assistance with this licence issue thanks.

Peter King

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Before you can use the license to validate the theme, you will have to assign the license as your production or staging url. ​To validate X properly, please do the following:
1] Please login to your account and assign the license ( You need to assign the license to your site using this url: You have to make sure that url you just assign is the same as the one you have in your settings, Settings > General > Site Address
2] Go back to X > Overview again, and insert the license code again.

And please review the changes that we made on how you are going to validated your X theme because we made a big change in the process. Please check it out here:


Thanks for the prompt reply. I had already done this. Went through the steps again just to be sure, but still the same issue as mentioned. Still need help to get this active please.


Hi Peter,

In that case, would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP/cpanel credentials
  • Purchase Code

All the best!

Sure. Just created a new Admin user


Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials, where did you get your Cornerstone copy? That was an outdated version.

I did go ahead and updated the Cornerstone to the latest version and validated your X Theme.

Hope it helps,

Great thanks. I took over this website as it was developed by a previous supplier for our client. I suggested to the client to buy a licence of the theme so that I could assist with updates and to support the theme creator. Appreciate your help.

Oh yes thanks, have changed the credentials.

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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