My footer isn't working right

Hi, my footer doesn’t have background images anymore but they are there when I am in the footer builder.
Here is a pic of a normal footer…
good footer

Here is a page with a broken footer,

Most of the pages have broken footers but some do not like the home page,

I had separate issues with a previous version of wordpress and had rolled back my version. I thought this was the cause and so I updated to the latest version but still see the footer issue.

Hey @clefler,

What you described is usually a result of broken HTML and/or CSS in the affected pages. I suspect that the broken HTML and/or CSS is coming from the header.

I see that the header is different in the working pages and the broken ones. I don’t mean that they don’t look different but the header ID is different. It looks like you duplicated a header and assigned them to a separate set of pages and those pages you assigned the header to are broken.

To test my suspicion, please edit a broken page and select Blank - No Container | No Header, No Footer Page Template. If the issue is resolved, my suspicion is correct so the next step would be to remove or transfer all the custom Header CSS to a notepad and remove elements one by one while checking if the issue would be resolved each time.

If you’ve done those and no elements are left in the header and the issue persists, we need to check what’s going on with the header so we have access to your site so please provide the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.


The header isnt the issue it’s the footer, is that what you meant because I only have one active footer.

Hi @clefler,

My colleague says that the Header of the Home page and the Broken page are different. And it has been suspected that the header might have some broken HTML in it.

To test this better, you can either assign the Home page header to a Broken page, or you can set the Blank-No Container| No Heade, Footer Page Template from Page Attribute to test the page without the header. So it can be recognized, whether the Header is the reason behind your issue.
After this investigation, if you find that the issue with the header, please perform the steps given by my colleague in the above post.

If that does not resolve the issue, please provide your site credentials to examine it further.


Ok I understand now, yes that likely the issue but I cannot find any errors that would cause the footer to be broken. The headers are purposefully different.
I am providing login info but please don’t alter the headers they are supposed to be different, thanks.

Hello @clefler,

I checked your website Dashboard. It seems there is an issue in your Header. I went ahead and created one copy of your Header, I created one “Test” page as well and assign the new header to the “Test” page.

The header that I have created screenshots

The issue was in Butten Element

Test-Header-by-Themeco-Headers-Pro (1)

The issue in button custom CSS

I have fixed the issue in the Header and assign in Test Page.


that wast it, thank you so much
and thanks for doing it by making a test page

Glad that we could be of help.