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I’m writing about this topic, which is closed and I don’t see any way to reopen it:

Ignore the first part about the accordion shortcode. That’s working fine now. The other problem we were having is that some of our team members were unable to edit pages in Cornerstone; the page gets stuck on the loading screen with a spinning circle and a console error “Invalid or Unexpected Token” . The last replies had to do with caching; we purged the W3 Total Cache and even turned it off, and still some team members were getting the spinning circle.

The last support rep who responded on the thread linked above asked, “Do you happen to have any other caching feature on the site?” I realized that we are using a Sitelock external cache. Purging this cache seemed to fix the problem for some but not for others. I finally completely turned off both the Sitelock cache and the W3 Total Cache plugin, and now it seems that all team members are able to edit in Cornerstone. However, this is only a temporary fix because we need the caching to speed up the site.

How can we identify and fix the problem so that we can turn the cache back on?

Thank you.

Hey @SheilaRuth,

The caching systems must exclude caching some directories in your site including that of the builder. The builder directory can be found in X or Pro > Settings.


Have the Sitelock and W3TC support exclude the x, pro or your custom directory (if you changed the setting). The directory looks like this Your web host must exclude everything starting from pro.

Regretfully, we cannot provide further help after this as this is not an issue with Pro. This has to do with your caching setup.

Thank you for understanding.

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