Moder Events Calendar don't show sidebar

Hi, the modern template for individuals events don’t show sidebar. See the screenshot

If i change to default template show the sidebar

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Both of the template styles have been designed uniquely. In the default style, most of the widgets or MEC details were assigned to the sidebar.

Whereas in the modern style, the sidebar is only assigned to display the widgets or features that are currently not active or enabled.

This means that if you compare the two layouts, the social and the map were located at the bottom of the event page.

Hope this makes sense.

I have change the options again, and don’t show the sidebar

What i have to do to show it?

Hi @Mastres,

In the case of Modern Style you need to activate all the Modules you need to show on the Single Event page. Once you activate the Modules you may need to add a few additional information and assign it to the respective Events in order to show those.

I would suggest you go through the following article on Modern Event Calendar.

  1. Themeco Documentation:

  2. Official Documentation:

    2.1. [ Please check the modules under Settings > Module menu]

Hope it helps.

It was a problem with widget area, it wasn’t active.

Hi @Mastres,

Glad that it is resolved now.


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