Mobile menu not opening all updates complete


Can you help me figure out why the modal menu button on mobile does nothing? I’m sure it worked before, but I have no idea when it stopped since I only just noticed it testing something.

All updates are complete - X and Cornerstone.


Hi there,

I have just checked your site and you have updated X to the latest version but you are still using Cornerstone 2.0.6 which is an outdated version that is causing an incompatibility issue.

Kindly update Cornerstone to the latest version which is 3.1.6.

Hope this helps.

ok, thanks. But it isn’t showing the update available in WP. Do I have to update this manually? Why?

Hi there,

If you have validated the theme installation, you should be able to get the automatic updates.

In case you have already validated the theme but you are still not getting the automatic updates, please try to Revoke the validation then re validate the theme again.

Hope this helps.

It’s validated (how I was able to update X!) but I guess I’ll have to try this. grrrr

Thank you. Fingers crossed.

This isn’t working. I’ve tried removing the URL from my manage licenses page and it still then shows as validated on this site. When I click on Revoke Validation, nothing happens.

Can you help please?

Hi @shughesd,

It will appear to be validated but it’s not, you already removed the URL from your license page and it should be enough. But, you can still revoke it if you prefer it that way.

Just assign your new URL and validate it there, please ignore that site, it will not get any updates anymore :slight_smile:

BUT, I checked your license page and that URL is still assigned to it, it’s not removed as you said. Please remove it and revalidate another site.


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