Mobile Header Issues

Hi, I’m running Pro 6.1.8 and WP 6.1.1.

I created a newly formatted mobile header for a client site. It was working fine, but then I saw that the desktop header wasn’t showing up. I somehow got the desktop header to work…and then the mobile header stopped working.

I’ve checked all settings dozens of times. I have the mobile and desktop hiding the correct screen sizes, etc.

The strange thing is that the mobile header shows with the smaller screen sizes in Cornerstone, but it won’t show on a mobile device. I’ve purged cache everywhere, had people in another state look at the site, but it still won’t appear on a mobile device.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hello @skorched,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your setting it seems that you are using multiple headers for the different breakpoints, I would suggest you create only one Pro custom Header and add multiple Header bars for desktop and mobile. Now you need to show or hide the Header bar using breakpoint for larger screens and smaller screens.

Hope it helps

Great. I’ll try that. Thanks!

That was it! Strange, I’ve never heard of that issue…but I know the right way to do it next time.

Thank you!

You are most welcome, @skorched.

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