Many Pro / Cornerstone PHP deprecation warnings


I’m investigating an issue on a client site where occasionally the site loads completely blank for my client and some of her website visitors. I’ve not been able to replicate it myself after testing it several times in different browsers, devices and incognito windows.

Anyway, the debug log contains many Pro / Cornerstone related warnings and perhaps they are the cause of the issue. Even if not, you’ll probably want to patch them up anyway :smile:

I’m including a link to the debug log in a secure note. The site is running on PHP 8.2 and Pro 6.3.9.

I’ve addressed a lot of these in the latest release, but it won’t be complete till Pro 6.5 or Pro 6.6. The problem exists with pretty much every PHP class in CS and PHP 8.2. They can be ignored for now.

Thanks Charlie. And congrats on the release! It’s a big one :grinning:

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