Make Section The Entire Above Fold

Hi there,

My website is It is currently under maintenance mode. However, my question is not specific to my site. I have been wondering how to do this for quite a while.

How do I make a section be the entire section above the fold? Here is an example:

The first content section with 2 columns fills up the entire area above the fold and adjusts according to the device. I have tried making 2 columns and adding an image to the right side and text to the left to get this look, but it does not work.

Please let me know what you suggest.

Hello Zach,

Thanks for writing in!

Please do check out the header templates in our Design Cloud library to get you started the same above the fold layout. Kindly check these out:

Normally, you will have to set the minimum height of the column to at least 100vh or the 100 percent of the browser height.

We would love to know if this has worked for you. Thank you.

Thank you so much! Is it possible to make a content height span the entire screen?

Hey Zach,

When you set the Min Height to 100vh in the column’s settings, it’s height spans the entire screen. However to adjust the content inside the column, you can also enable the the Flexbox Layout in Column’s settings:

Then under Flexbox settings, you can adjust it’s alignment. The height of the content depends upon the actual content, it should be auto for responsive layouts.

Hope this helps!