Mailchimp not happy

Hello again - so im starting to use Mailchimp and managed to get the api linked and connected - and all looks good from there.

however in the mailchimp admin … it shows that there is a procedure needed which looks simple to do - so at this state its saying this

Uh oh, we couldn’t connect your site. Check your code and try again.
and this
Additional Terms
To use product retargeting emails, pop-up forms, and Google remarketing ads that use shared site data from, you must accept our additional terms.

then it shows this code . . . .

and these instructions

Copy code
Click Copy and access your site’s HTML.
Add code
Decide which pages you want to connect to Mailchimp. For each of these pages, paste in your site code just before the closing tag.

Check connection
After you’re done, return to this page and check connection.

but when i go to APPEARANCE - EDITor . . i can find the file - headers.php - but its in the x folder - and not the child theme - and also - there is NO head tags to be able to paste the code in between.

Even from file manager in control panel - i can not see any head tags.
Please adivse - how i can get this sync properly done .


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for writing in! You can use our email forms extension ( or use ConvertPlus plugin ( to integrate MailChimp, so that you don’t have to add any scripts to header files.

Hope that helps.

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