Loopers Options Unavailable

Hello, I’m just watching your videos to learn about Loopers Consumers and Providers. But they are not an available option in my Cornerstone screen. Please see the attached screenshot – you’ll notice that those options are not where they should appear! Please help!

By the way, I’m running the latest Cornerstone Version 5.0.11, and X Version: 8.0.11, so I believe these features should be available, but they are not.

I have upgraded from X to Pro, which solved my problem. The knowledge base was misleading, that the Loopers might also be available in X. But I suspected an upgrade was needed, and it was indeed the solution!

Thanks anyway!

Hello @capodanno,

Thanks for writing in! Yes, you are correct. The Layout Builder is exclusively available to the Pro theme only. The Loopers is available both in X and the Pro theme. It is explained here:

You may not be seeing some of the options in your X/Cornerstone because the Advanced Mode is disabled. You need to turn on the Advanced Mode by going to the Settings > Preferences > Advanced Mode

Best Regards.

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