Licenses are not showing in my account

I have purchased multiple licenses but my account is only showing two?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,

You might have registered it in a different account.

Kindly provide us with the license keys that you currently have and post it in a Secure Note (key icon below your replies) so that we can check.

Thank you.

Hi David,

As my colleague Jade correctly guessed, it appears that you have multiple accounts with us. The 3 licenses in question are all registered under an account with the username davidc.

You can log in to the alternate account to access these licenses, or if you prefer, I can unlock them so that they can be re-registered under this account. However, whilst I assume that the licences in the other account do belong to you, I’d need to see proof of purchase before I could move them over, or for you to log into that account and request the transfer.

Hope this helps!

@matt Thanks I was able to log into the other account. Could you transfer the licenses into the @davidcastrejon account? Thank you.

Hi David,

I moved 2 Pro licenses to your account, there is an X license which our leadership team needs to move. Please stay tuned for that.

Ok the X theme license is moved too. You will be able to check the case and validate the products you want as always using the steps mentioned in this article.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.