License validated but proces incomplete

I have completed license validation by entering the product code and also completed the licensing process by registering in THEMECO and also attaching the domain name to the license. However, I have the overview page showing “You are almost finished” page and the “Automatic updates”, “Support” and “Extensions” options are still locked.

What else do I need to do to complete the process and access the extensions.

Ravi Upadhyaya

Hello Ravi,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

That’s quite weird. I think it may be causing because of temporary glitch. Can you please revoke the licence and try validating gain? You can also refer our product validation guide.

Let us know if the problem still persist and please share login details along with purchase code in a secure note for us to take a closer look.


Hi Prashant:

I got it working!! Thanks a lot for your support.

Ravi Upadhyaya

Glad that you have managed to validate your license :slight_smile:

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