License Transfer to New Account

I need to transfer one of my licenses to a new account. I’ll put the information in a secure note.

Hi there,

As you have the Pro license you can click on the Lock icon right next to the license item and it will be released. I did that and as you can see on your licenses page it is red which shows that it is released.

Now please clear your browser cache or access the website with the incognito/private mode of your browser and sign in with the new account and use the license number to validate an installation. Fore more information on how to valdate the installation please read the article below:

Thank you.

I apologize if I am missing something obvious. I get the following error when I enter the license code in the “create account” dialogue… “This purchase code has already been registered. You may have an additional account. If you are unable to locate it, contact us with your purchase code and we can take a look for you.”

Hey there,

No worries, to make life easier I’ve gone ahead and set up the new account for you. I’ve also transferred the license across into that account, so you’re all set. You just need to log in and add the URL for the license on your licenses page.

Have a great day!

Thank you!!! Great help…

My pleasure. Always here if you need us :slight_smile:

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