Lazy Load Products & Images

Hey is there a way I can apply Lazy load to my products on my website? Our site is pretty slow so I would like to speed it up by adding Lazy load I swear I have seen it before but I can’t seem to find it now.

Thank you

Hello Karen,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I suggest you to please take a look at our performance optimisation guide to improve page load time.

Regarding lazy load, please take a look at following Google Search result:

Click here


I’m not sure if it has just been a log day or what but I can find all the info under Page Cache. I have looked all over where to change this but I can not find it anywhere. Could you please help me find Minify, Database Cache, Object Cache, Browser Cache, Network Performance & Security, and all the stuff below in the images.

Thank you so much.

Hi @odsadmin,

It depends on the plugin or cache feature, it’s your hosting cache feature then it’s best to contact them. If it’s a plugin then I recommend checking their documentation. The screenshots in the provided URL are from W3 Total Cache plugin, but they just a sample.


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