Layerslider - where is the update? Follow up 2

hi there,
any news please?

regards, kai

Hi Kai,

I have already informed the concerned person, and it will be updated in any of the upcoming releases.


Hey There,

LayerSlider 7.8.0 was pushed live on the 29th of August so you should see that version in your available plugin updates. All the best!

@tristup thanks. but i hear that for a long long time by now. so please understand, that i don’t count on it any time soon…

@rubin thanks! i see that version for quite a while now. but can’t update without buying a license…

If you Pro installation is validated you can update for free and by pressing the update button. Or are you experiencing a different issue?

hi @rubin,
that is interesting. my site is pro and validated. updated to the latest version of pro.
but in the plugin section it says:

Register your LayerSlider license to receive live updates and premium benefits. Purchase a license or read the documentation to learn more.

that is not the only site where i have this problem…

best wishes, kai

Try deleting it and installing it again from the Pro dashboard and see if that resolves the issue.

thanks @rubin!
settings and galleries will not be gone after deleting the plugin?

Hey @iTurtle,

Yes, the gallery will not be gone when you delete the Layer Slider because the data were saved in the database.

Hope that helps.

dear @marc_a,
i get the message like this: are you sure you want to delete layerslider and the corresponding data with it…
so i just deactivated it and activated it again. that did the trick and now its up to date :slight_smile:
that is great news - finally :slight_smile:
best regards - kai

Hey @iTurtle,

You’re most welcome!