Latest Updates Have Broken WP Dash, Visual Elements, Layout and Fonts

Hi, My client’s site has been running fine for years with regular updates, until very recently when everything starting breaking. I believe this is to do with automatic updates in Wordpress and the latest versions of X and Wordpress itself.

My chosen fonts are no longer displaying at all, regardless of what I select in Customiser; my Revolution Slider elements are broken; Woo Commerce became broken (at checkout stage).

I no longer have ‘Updates’ as an option in my Wordpress dashboard. This has meant I have had to install the latest version of Wordpress manually, then the latest version of X manually via ftp. Both have installed correctly and the Woo Commerce checkout now appears to be working. However, all design and layout remains broken, as do my animated sliders. I still have no ‘updates’ option in my Wordpress menu - is this correct?

If I call up a page and click to edit, I cannot recognise the system and don’t know how to use it. Formerly I built the site using X blocks but these don’t seem to be available any more. Is this normal? I have enabled legacy mode in WP Bakery settings as I read in another support post, but this hasn’t helped much.

How can I revert to my original design with fully working graphic elements? How can I get my fonts working again (Formerly I used Cabin Condensed and Cabin Sketch on headings. These are Google Fonts.

Am I expected to re-design the entire site for some reason, following these recent updates to X and Wordpress?

Looking forward to your reply…

Just to add to my original post above; I have now noticed that nothing is working in X’s ‘Theme Options’ in the WP dash. The options appear but any changes made have no effect on the site. I am not sure what to do next…

I am using X ver 6.4.6 and WP ver 5.0.3.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for asking.

I checked the website and see that you are using old version of Cornerstone 3.3.8 which might be causing compatibility issues. Please update Cornerstone to latest version 3.4.6. Here’s the resources that you can take a look.


Hi, Thank you very much for providing some guidance. Manually updating Cornerstone to 3.4.6 has returned my site almost back to normal, visually and the store checkout now works again.

However a couple of the original issues remain:

  1. Revolution Slider is not working properly. My site contains sliders with image layers. The home page is the best example of this. At the moment, when the site load, some of those background layers are completely missing. When opening the Revolution slider to check/edit this, it has broken references to those images even though they still exist in the WP gallery.

  2. ‘Home’ and ‘Updates’ are still missing from the WP dashboard menu - is this correct? I am no longer sure how to update my plugins, including Revolution Slider. Is this now done fully automatically?

Looking forward to your next reply.


Hey @paulcarpenterfilms,

I checked your site’s frontend and I don’t see a missing image. If they’re missing in the backend, it could be that the slider’s data got corrupted during the WordPress update. In which case, regretfully, you’ll need to set your images in the slider again.

I’m not sure of the exact cause of that since I have never experienced this issue but this is surely not caused by X since Slider Revolution and X are not connected in the database.

The same goes with your Home and Updates menus. Would you mind testing for a plugin conflict also to see if this was caused by another plugin. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

The best course of action for this though is to revert your site to a previous working state. Please ask your host if they have a backup of your site. Once you have reverted, follow the best practices in updating your themes and plugins Prasant has posted.



Thanks for the reply.

The image on the home page will appear correct at the moment because I have temporarily placed an alternative static slideshow there in place of the broken slider, which I will now re-make according to your advice.

Regarding the missing WP menu items, this is still puzzling to me. I have already done as you said and disabled all plugins. It did not resolve the problem. In addition I have tried making a new test-subdomain on my server and installed only the latest version of Wordpress and X. Even this new test installation had the Home and Updates menu options missing.

Regarding restoring a working version, sadly my last stored backup was made before extensive changes were made and so is too far out of date. I have a recent backup but this was made after these problems occured so there are possibly issues embedded within the backup.

I contacted my hosting company (GoDaddy) who checked the site for errors and viruses but found nothing. I also upgraded PHP to the latest available version.

What do you suggest I do to restore Updates to my WP menu?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @paulcarpenterfilms,

We need to check your plugins and the site settings first. ​To assist you better with this issue, would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look?

To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:

Thank you.

Thank you, I have pinned a secure note to my previous reply.


I checked but could not find anything within wordpress dashoboard that could have cause the issue.

Would you mind providing us your FTP Login as well in Secure Note.


Thank you - just added ftp details

Hi @paulcarpenterfilms,

I checked and I don’t see any error other than warnings and notices related to slider. Perhaps the home and update menu items are accidentally deleted? It would need special code or even a plugin to delete items without going to Appearance > Menus. I recommend re-adding them again, or do the pages are corresponding the menu items are deleted as well?

If this issue is present before than migrating or creating another copy would only have the same result.



Your previous reply does not seem to make sense. Please can you re-write it? I’m afraid this isn’t of any help!


Hi @paulcarpenterfilms,

Sorry for the confusion, sure, I’ll explain it below :slight_smile:

I checked it through FTP and there is no error, but rather, just warnings related to the slider. Which of course, nothing to do with menu issue.

Perhaps the menu and update that you’re referring were accidentally deleted. Like going to Appearance > Menus and deleted it, and accidentally saved it. I’m not saying you did but could be someone with access to it. Other than accidental, it can only be deleted by intentionally added code or plugin which aren’t present at your site.

Then I recommend adding those missing menu items again, but my question is, are those menu related to specific pages and deleted as well?

Regarding restoring a working version, sadly my last stored backup was made before extensive changes were made and so is too far out of date. I have a recent backup but this was made after these problems occured so there are possibly issues embedded within the backup.

I agree if this issue is present even before the migration of backup then restoring it will have the same result. The only solution as of now is re-creating and re-adding them.


Hi, Sorry but I think you have misunderstood the problem.

The site menus are fine. If elements were missing from those, that would be an easy fix.

My problem, which ultimately led to all the visual issues and broken store, is that the ‘Home’ and ‘Updates’ options are missing from the WORDPRESS menu.

In the image below you will see a screenshot of my WP dashboard with the new version of X installed on my Musicmanproject site:

You can see that in the black WP menu to the left of the screen the ‘Home’ and ‘Updates’ options are missing. This means I no longer have the option of updating my themes and plugins.

In the next screenshot, taken of the WP dashboard of one of my OTHER websites NOT using X:

…So you should see in the above image that ‘updates’ appears as expected, in the black WP dashboard menu on the left.

As I mentioned in a previous reply, to test this further I made a new subdomain, installed latest versions of X and Wordpress but did not import any site content. The problem still persists - there is no option to update in the black WP dashboard menu.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

Hello @paulcarpenterfilms,

Is Music Man Project site one of your network sites? Do you have multi site set up? If you do, the updates will be in My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard.

And if ever you are only having one site set up, then one of the plugins must be causing the conflict removing some of the menu items. There must be something going on or a restriction has made to your set up because the theme editor (Appearance > Editor), add new plugin and even the plugin editor menu links is also missing.

Please let us know how it goes.


As I mentioned previously, I have tried deactivating all plugins on but it does not fix the problem.

I have a shared hosting plan on GoDaddy. The Music Man Project is one of three sites hosted there and all are managed via Cpanel. The other two sites are also Wordpress but do not run X theme. They are working fine.

X used to run fine on themusicmanproject - until these recent updates. I believe these issues are definitely related to the latest version of Wordpress in combination with the latest X.

Can you help? I am out of ideas on this but this is a very important client so I need a fix.

Hi @paulcarpenterfilms,

May we have the permissions to put your site under construction and be able to test for another round of plugin conflict? Maybe we can switch to another theme and check if the theme is causing it or not.

Please let us know what you think.


Yes, please go ahead and put the site under construction to check the plugins further. I am grateful for your help with this.

Please can I ask you return the site to its current working state as soon as you can after completing the checks.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @paulcarpenterfilms,

Thanks for previous clarification. I did the testing without X theme and cornerstone and those updates and home menu items are still missing. Even all the plugins are deactivated, the result is still the same.

This means it’s not related to the theme and plugin updates, could you try logging in with a different account? Maybe it’s due to account permission.


Hi, Thank you.

I have just tried logging in with the credentials I use for the other two Wordpress sites I have on the same hosting, but that didn’t work. The only way I can get into my Musicmanproject dashboard is with those credentials you have been using to test.

Is it possible there is some kind of permissions-related file on the server which may have become corrupt? Is there anything else related to the server or CPanel that might affect permissions in X on Wordpress?