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hi can you please direct me to the language files so i can edit them with podedit. i cannot find them

Hi Amir,

The language files(x.pot & pro.pot) locate under this directory: x/framework/lang.


ok this is what i usualy do but for some reason this time the POT file gives an error while opening on podedit
and wont let me save a local translation. i think something is corrupt with the file can you please check.

ok i think your file is corrupt as i said.
i used an old one from a different x site
but it wont translate the following strings:

Leave a Comment
Your comment
Read More

Hi @caspiton,

I see, in that case, you’ll have to translate it this way as provided in the thread provided above.

function custom_text_translate($translated) { 

$translated = str_ireplace('Leave a Comment', 'YOUR TRANSLATION HERE', $translated);
$translated = str_ireplace('Your comment', 'YOUR TRANSLATION HERE', $translated);
$translated = str_ireplace('Read More', 'YOUR TRANSLATION HERE', $translated);
$translated = str_ireplace('By', 'YOUR TRANSLATION HERE', $translated);

return $translated; 
add_filter('gettext', 'custom_text_translate' );

And add that code to your child theme’s functions.php.


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