Jetpack and Cornerstone? v. 2.0

Hi, folx!

I wanted to follow up on this thread: Jetpack and Cornerstone?.

Do your developers have a timeline on this issue? If not, i’ll look into other search plugins. Are there any you recommend that work particularly well with Cornerstone?

Thanks for any insight you may have.

Hello Shannon,

Thanks for updating in! We do not have an exact timeline yet. In the meantime, we can recommend that if you only have a few pages or posts, you must create excerpts for each page and post so that this excerpt will then be displayed by Jetpack and not the Auto Excerpt that is being generated that has the CS content shortcodes. And this old thread can help add a page excerpt:


Thanks, @ruenel!

I see that you’ve been a Themeco a long time since your name shows up in the 2019 post thread you linked to. That speaks well to Themeco as an employer and to you for your dedication to the company.

I’m at just under 300 pages. In the scheme of websites, that’s nothing. But it’s enough that i don’t want to have to create an excerpt page for each of them.

Since JetPack isn’t going to work for the moment, do you have another Cornerstone-friendly website search plugin you’d recommend?

Hi Shannon,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other recommendations on this. Alternatively, you can check the following article related to a few plugins that may help you.


Okay, thanks, @tristup. I’ll look into those links right away.

That’s nothing, Shannon.

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