Issue with mobile formatting

Hello - I’ve tried everything but when I browse my site’s mobile version, the last section (contact me) overlaps with the previous section. Also one other problem, the menu doesn’t work properly. I have subs in the menu and the subs are all you can click, not the menu item itself. Lastly, I had to disable the slider video at the front of the site because it renders improperly on mobile (I’m sitting on the left not center) so it didn’t look right. How would I create a static image for just mobile in this case?

Figured all related questions in one ticket was easier than 3 separate tickets.

Website is

Hello Endre,

Did you add any customization to change the alignment of your content such as CSS codes? If so, please try removing those codes and see if it fixes the issue.

I suggest turning on the sub indicator option of the off canvas element then set the sub menu trigger sub indicator (element setting)

You can add an image element them make use of the hide during breakpoint setting so that the image will only be visible on mobile:

Hope this helps.

I’ll try those suggestions. No custom CSS though. I’m using WP forms and that’s it. I really prefer the 2 column approach because it’s cleaner, I’d hate to have to change it. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

Hey Endre,

It seems like the Row settings you have might be causing the sections to overlap, go to the Row’s settings and first try to set the Align Vertical option to Stretch:

Also match the settings e.g Gap Width and Gap Height with the screenshot above. Let us know how this goes!