Integrity, Header builder, in-line menu php file

Hi. I’m using X-pro and I am trying to locate the php file containing the code for the in-line menu element in the header builder. Are you able to direct me to this?

Hi @mcaravaglia,

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Unfortunately, there is no single for that element, one element shares functions and features from other elements, editing one would affect one another and causing more issues. And we don’t actually recommend editing core features.


Thank you Rad.
Please see attached images. My client wants a Subscribe button to appear in the menu, as shown in the image “Menu Capture”. With CSS, I am able to format one of the menu links to look like a button. I cannot, however, find any way to move the button into position, as it gets cropped by a container element of some kind on the right side( see “Menu Capture_2”). Changing the Z-index for the elements has no effect.

Any thoughts you have for being able to accomplish this task would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the credentials, but I cant figure out which site you’re working on, would you mind letting us know which site you’re working?

Are you using PRO on the said site? If so, I would advise that you utilize the Header Builder to create your Header instead of modifying a template file.


I do apologize. I have a page where I am working to build this menu that is a hidden page. The link is

You will see that I have used the Header Builder to build a menu that is only assigned to this specific page. I am now wondering if I could better accomplish this task by NOT using the Header builder, but using a Mega-menu instead? Please let me know your thoughts.

Hey Michael,

The layout (2 columns menu) you’re trying can be best achieved with Mega Menu which turns the stacked dropdown menu to column based one as the screenshot below:

You can either use the Theme’s native Mega Menu feature because both X and Pro supports Mega Menus or you can use UberMenu to create the Mega Menu, you can learn more about it here

Hope this helps!

Thank you Nabeel. I thought the Mega-menu was the right direction.



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