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If I use a slider out of the box, I only remove navigation and pagination and put it in marquee and carousel. The slider moves very bumpy and from left to right. How can it keeps moves smoothly from right to left…?

Test page:

THX, Carel

Hey Carel,

Thanks for writing in!

Kindly play around with the Speed value. You may need to set it to a smaller number.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Okay, thank you, I did.

I want to use the slider to show the 3 latest post titles as a infinite looping smoothly scrolling text. Now the carousel is not looping infinite. See How can I make those post titles loop infinite from right to left at full width…?

Hi Carel,

To make the infinite slide, please set the attribute values as shown in the given screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 201919

Hope it helps.

Hi, I did now but not looping infnity… And one by one (interval) and not one speed continious moving…

Hello @cvdw,

Regretfully this is the limitation of the Slider element. When using “Marquee”, the slides resets. If you want to have a continuous Carousel, you will have to use “Interval”. There will be a slight pause on the slide though. We will add the feature that you are looking for as a feature request then.

Best Regards.

If a continuously looping marquee is not possible, then why does your Modern Sliders promo page feature a perfectly functioning continuously looped slider? …seen here:

How do we achieve that same functionality that Themeco is promoting as possible?

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Hello @threeoten,

The People Carousel Slider demo is using this setting:

The only difference is that the demo site is using Pro 5.1.5 version while we are using Pro 6.0.5 troubleshooting your issue. I believe that this is a bug in the latest release. I will have this forwarded to our developers so they can investigate further.

Best Regards.

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When is the next patch?

Hi @threeoten,

We do not have an ETA yet. Please check out the changelog and for the update release.


Hi! Yes it’s definitely a bug in the 6 release (don’t know which one) When I go back to version 5.1.5 the slider carousel is looping infinite and smoothly!

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Hey @cvdw,

Yes, this is a bug with the latest release and my colleague already report the issue to our tracker.

Thank you.

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