Image element as background, how to manage on mobile

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I am using the element" which enables you to place an image that covers the whole column. This looks great on desktop.
However, since the column has no elements on mobile, the columns is hardly visible and the image therefore cut off. How can you make it look visible on mobile?

I assume one option is to use a gap element but then again, I not sure that would be the best way. Also I am not sure how many px the gap should then be

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To adjust the image element as the background of your element to look nice on the mobile screen would require customization because you need to adjust the height of your columns to make it look good. Regretfully, customization is outside the scope of our theme support. You may seek 3rd party developers to help you with your problems or you can avail One where we can answer questions outside of the features of our theme.

On the other hand, I suggest that you will use the background-image property so that it will look nice on the mobile screen.

Hope that helps.

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Hi there

Background image gives the same result since the column has not content.

Do you need to set a gap so that you see anything on mobile?

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