Icons broken after update on 30+ websites

Same here, svg not loading on my site… 6.4.4

Hi There,

We will forward your concern to our developers for further investigation.

Please bear with us.

Icons are back BUT they’re not the color set in settings. Instead it seems to be using the site links colour? This is regarding to web front, SVG still doesn’t work.

Hi Daniel,

I will inform our development team and let you know about this.


If you can’t load SVGs it’s probably because you are missing PHP Zip. In the future we’ll remove the option in theme options if it’s missing, but we might need to leave in right now since it was the default at one point. I’d try clearing a cache if you have a color issue as well. Let us know if that helps.

So you’re saying I can’t use icons right now? SVG and webfont don’t work regardless of clearing cache.

Nevermind, I thought phpzip was enabled but it wasn’t. I’m sure it was at some point though…

Hey Daniel,

We’re glad that it is now working on your end.


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