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Hi there,
How can I create an arrow icon to scroll down in a header, but with a permanent movement and also a link to the next section when click…

Thanks in advance!

I know how to create it and place it and create the effects, but not how to put in loop/permanent the same movement down, and also create a link when click the icon…

Hello @joserodrigz,

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Please edit your page in the builder and then in your section, add a unique ID, my section, for example. You can add this in the “Customize” tab of the section element settings.

In your header, you can insert a button and then add #my-section as the URL.
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 10.44.38 AM

Once the button in the header is clicked, the page will scroll to the specific my-section of the page.

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Tks all ok!

Hi @joserodrigz,

Great that all is OK now.


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