I just want to use Ethos 1 template, can I downgrade from Pro to X?

I bought Pro yesterday because I was told how awesome it is. My problem is that I’m not real big into design and don’t have a lot of time to figure out pro. All I really want is to use the Ethos 1 template. From there I have enough knowledge to muddle my way through and get the site up and working. Is it possible to downgrade from PRO to X and just swap licenses or something like that?
Or maybe there is a step by step video tutorial that can walk me through re-creating Ethos 1 in PRO?

Hey Paul,

Thanks for writing in. Regretfully, there is currently no option to import Ethos 1 demo in Pro. But, I’ve exported the Ethos 1
Demo in my test site and you can download from http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02172242139750677920

You can watch the usage at https://youtu.be/vlgs54srrcI and also see the Ethos documentation at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizer-ethos-options/131


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