I can not download Global Blocks from Design Cloud

I can not download Global Blocks from Design Cloud

it seems since more than 20 minutes ike this picture. i closed my browser, deleted the cash but nothing is changed. can somebody help me?

Hi Shahin,

Thank you for writing in, please confirm the following:

If you can confirm these and still having the issue, please reinstall the PRO theme (there might be a corrupted file on your current installation), you can get a fresh copy of PRO here.

Let us know how it goes,


i have the newst version of pro and my plugins are new and updated.

please help!

Hey Shahin,

Downloading templates from the Design Cloud depends on your server’s limitations. I have a test site that the Architecture Portfolio does not complete or load indefinitely. The said test site has these server settings:

256.0 MiB - PHP Memory Limit
100.0 MiB - PHP Max Upload Size
100.0 MiB - PHP Max Post Size
120s      - PHP Max Script Execute Time

In my other test site, the Architecture Portfolio was successfully imported, I have these settings:

512.0 MiB - PHP Memory Limit
2.0 GiB   - PHP Max Upload Size
2.0 GiB   - PHP Max Post Size
36000s   - PHP Max Script Execute Time

Please have your web host increase the said variables in their server and test importing Design Cloud templates again. I don’t recommend to increase like my setup but I’d recommend you increase to the highest possible value for testing then gradually decrease the values when you’re done importing because web hosts sometimes limit the server’s capability for security purposes.


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