How to upgrade X Pro

What is the best way to update my site to the latest version of Pro?
I currently have version 4.3.3
and the latest version available is 6.0.5, and I would like to update to the latest version.
How does the automatic update works? it doesn’t do anything on my site.
This is my site:
I am providing login credentials in case you want to check

Hello @Rouille71,

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Please be informed that you are using the Pro theme 4.3.3 version. There is no X Pro theme as well. To know the difference between the X theme and the Pro theme, please check this out:

We do not suggest updating right away in your live site. A staging site is highly recommended. You can clone site site and create a staging site. This is where you do the updates first. It is important to do this so that you can test the latest updates first and look for any issues and incompatibilities especially if you have modified some of the template files in your child theme or have used custom PHP/HTML/CSS/JS coding. This saves you time as well and prevent your live site from being offline or down when there are errors that may have occurred after the updates. Once everything is perfect, you can then proceed with the update of the live site. If you are not familiar with the staging sites, please check this out:

With regards to the automatic updates, if you have validate your site, you would see that there are available updates in the dashboard. It will also allow you to update the theme or (Themeco) plugins to be updated right in your dashboard. This does not mean that it will update automatically when it is available. You will still have to click the update button which is good because you will have time to back up the site first before doing the update. A backup is helpful because you can always go back to the previous state of the site if after the update there are issues or incompatibilities. The backup is very much helpful if you are not using a staging site.

Or you can also update the theme manually. Kindly check out this documentation to do so:

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