How to start off with the basic x theme design

I want to start with the design here and make alternations accordingly, how can I do this?

I would appreciate an answer, if there is no demo for this a step by step guide, this is not as simple as made out - I may as well have made my own from scratch I downloaded the theme based on the design at that link as it is exactly what I need but no way to simply change images and text and menus.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully there is no available demo content for you to start with that looks like the X theme site, This is our sales page and if you want to replicate the design, you will probably start from scratch. Most users would use the Integrity 1 demo and start editing from there. You can also select our other standard demo contents or make use of our expanded demo contents. To know more about our demos, please check this out:

If you need to know how to figure out the banner slider, please check this detailed instructions:

Or you can create your own revolution slider and know how to use it in the theme:

Hope this helps.

OK, so if I have to start from scratch to do this where are the detailed instructions, step by step? I was expecting to have the basic design done in 1 hour, it is now 3 hours and nothing - this is not in any way as simple as made out.

Hi there,

As my colleague mentioned, the link you have provided is not part f our product. It is our sales page and not part of the X platform. To see the list of demos which you can start with kindly check this page:

Also, please consider that the X theme is a multipurpose theme and it does have some learning curve to get used to all cool features and settings available to you.

I suggest that you check the getting started article here:

And here is the list of all our knowledge base articles which you can use to get familiar with the different parts of the platform:

Once you get the hang of the platform you will be able to create cool stuff.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I don’t want to spend time learning something for 1 website, why would you make the sales page not using x theme - to confuse people?
And the other person said I would need to ‘recreate’ this implying it is possible, as it is possible please send me the instructions on how to recreate this leaving nothing out.
You Integrity 1 demo is not what I signed up and paid for.

Hi there,

We are sorry that you had the impression which the sales page is added using the themes functionality, but that is not the case and we do not advertise that. I am not sure where did you get the that.

Also please kindly consider that if you do not wish to read the documentation can not certainly create a page like the one you have mentioned from scratch as it will need the deep understanding of our elements and controls of the page builder.

We do not have any instructions to create that page as that page was not intended to be created in the first place.

We certainly will not be able to give you step by step instructions to do such a thing as you already refused to read the articles, but we will try to give hints on which options you can use to have something similar:

  • For the top section, you can use the Revolution Slider and the Above Masthead functionality of the theme. For more information:
  • The menu can be used with the Ethos stack which you can enable from X > Launch > Options > Stacks and start from there
  • For the titles, you can use the Headline Element.
  • For the Text, you can use the Text Element.
  • For the listings, you can use the Featured List Element
  • Images can be added using the Image Element
  • You need to use the Sections and Columns to have the layout
  • Use the Section options to add background images or colors to the whole section.
  • You will need to enable the Parallax option of the section background to have that parallax effect on scrolling
  • The video can be added using the Video Embed element.
  • I see a tab section, to implement that you need to use the Tab Element.

To make use of any software at least you need to take time and read the getting started articles in my opinion, at least for our product it is the wise thing to do.

Thank you for your understanding.

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