How to replace a running Google Font with Custom Font

Hi, since Google Fonts API aren’t “Datenschutzkonform” in Germany, i want to replace the Google Font with the local hosted converted woff2 Version of the Google Font.
But if i add Custom Fonts and try to replace the running fonts with the local hosted I’ll get a strange preview of a font wich is definitely not the font of my choice…

Do you have any suggestion how i can change the font, without going through any site to change the fonts for each element manually?!

Cheers, Pascal

How it should look like:

How the preview shows the local hosted fonts:

Hello @pamadesign,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site settings it seems that there is no custom font, I would suggest you please upload the custom font and import the font. Please have a look at our doc to learn more about how to import the custom font.

After importing the font you need to set the font from the Theme Option —>Typography—>Enable Font Manager—>Set Body and Content/Headings. It would change the font throughout the site, please note if you have set any specific font from the element settings then you will need to change it manually from the element.

Theme-Options-Pro (11)
Theme-Options-Pro (10)

Hope it helps

Hi, the fonts are already uploaded, but when i’m doing it the way you explained, I’m getting a preview that scares me to hit the save button… If you check my screenshots you’ll see that i’ve tried that step already and was not successful :sweat_smile:

Hi @pamadesign,

Please follow the recommendation given by my colleague in that way we can troubleshoot your issue properly. It would also be best to upload the .ttf and .otf files of the said font file.

Thank you.

Hi, the custom fonts are ready to use. Can you have a look, why the preview is so messed up, when i use them?

Thx, Pascal

Hello Pascal,

After changing the font family, save it first so that the page will reload and then the custom font will be loaded by the page. This is the only way you can fully test if your font is correctly displaying or not.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi this worked out as you proposed it… I even don’t know why i was so afraid to save this step because i could’ve changed it back anytime… But hey, now it’s all fine! Thanks for your patience :grin:

You are most welcome, @pamadesign.
Please feel free to create another thread if you need any further information.

Es werden immer noch über die font api von Google Schriften geladen, auf deiner Seite. Es gibt ein kostenloses Plugin ( Disable & Remove Google Fonts), mit dem du generell Google Fonts blocken kannst. Man sollte meinen das lokale hosten reicht… aber es ist nicht sauber gelöst, da ggf. auch andere Plugins ohne deine Zustimmung Schriften laden.

Hey Sebastian,

Thank you for sharing your ideas, we really appreciate it!


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