How to hide the Field Group

I want to hide the Field Group if the input field is empty .
I have tried with the condition , but I was not able my website is

You can check this link

Please check the video for more understanding

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To hide the empty field I would suggest please have a look at this doc to learn more about how to set the condition. You need to retrieve the ACF field value by using dynamic content code and then compare the value if it is not empty.

For the terms that you have listed, regretfully there is no option to remove the custom text if there are no more terms available. It would require custom development I would suggest you please contact a developer who can assist you with your concerns or you may subscribe to One where customization questions are answered. Please note that we don’t provide custom development support. it is out of the support scope.

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Hello @jcduewekeperez,

In order to hide the empty field you need to set the condition, I would suggest you please pull the meta field data through the dynamic content code and then go to the element customize —> Condition—>You need to select the type as string —>Add the dynamic content code in the given text box. Please have a look at the given screenshot below.

You may check the video tutorial as well given in the secure note.


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