How to edit a template first before actually using it?


I want to use the expanded demo Restaurant on my website, but first before launch it to the public, i would like to edit the content of this demo. How i can to that?

I would normally do it like this:

With this way i get the demo content running perfectly, but with the demo information and i have to start editing from there.

So how could i edit this information before making it visible for the public? I would like that someone give me the steps by steps, i’m very newbie. Thanks!

pd: sorry for my english is not my main language


Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want the information to be seen by the public while you are developing the website, then please install and activate Under Construction plugin from X > Validation > Extensions.

If you would like to test things further by importing Restaurant Expended demo without fiddling with the server setup, you also have the option to import the demo data on a localhost setup. For that you need to validate the local setup. You can use software like Desktopserver to setup local dev environment.

Please take a look at following article for product validation.


Thanks! I will give a try to the first option and i will let you know how is it goes

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks this worked perfect. You saved me


No problem. Feel free to ask us again.


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