How to change fonts and brightness of fonts in the accordion?

Hello there. Sorry, I’m not a IT-enthusiast, need some help. I use the google fonts Barlow semi condensed and want to change my accordion text into this fonts. I already saw some articles in here on this and tried some of the customization ideas, but they didn’t work out. Can you please help me? Thx.

Hello Anne,

Thanks for writing in.

If you are using the v2 accordion element, setting the accordion’s font should be easy. You just have to make use of the Font Manager to add the Barlow font and set it to the accordion element.

Then go to Cornerstone and edit the Accordion’s setting. In this case edit the Header settings:

Scroll to the Font Family settings and set the Barlow Condensed font you have added to the Font Manager.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot, yes that helps, I found it. :slight_smile:

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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