How to add Adwords Conversion Code to one page?

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I am building a site at

I have been given a Google Adwords Conversion code to add to this page:

I have only added codes on all pages using “Header & Footer Scripts” or a similar plugin. How can I add code to just this page?

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Please edit the page in cornerstone and click on the JS Icon in the left. Paste your Js code there, it will load only on that page only.

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Thanks - this is great. It says in the notes, no need to add script tags. Should I edit the code below (secure note), and if so to what?

Thanks in advance

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I suggest you to take child theme route to implement Google Adwords conversion code. Please page the following code in child theme function.php file. Before that please refer following resources to download and install Child Theme.

You can take a look at following post to locate Page ID. Though the article talks about post id but essentially logic remains the same.

function my_custom_tracking_code() {
  if( is_page(185) ) {?>
    <!--replace this line with your Google adwords conversion code -->

You just need to replace 185 from above code with the page id of Contact us page. And <!--replace this line with your Google adwords conversion code --> with conversion code.

Please let us know how it goes.


Perfect - thank you!

You’re welcome.

Edited - found solution to test, will repost if solution doesn’t work.

Thank you.

Let us know how it goes!

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