How do I make the X Theme look like the sample?

The only reason I bought this theme is because I want a very clean website with the menu down the left side. Once I installed X, it looks absolutely nothing like the uploaded photo. I found the X Theme here:

Please! Tell me how to make it look like the advertised sample.

Hello Ray,

Thanks for writing in! The screenshot above posted by the 3rd party site is actually taken from one of our legacy demo sites using the Renew stack that has already been deprecated. Regretfully, it is no longer available at the moment. Please check out other similar demos from our Design Cloud instead:

Best Regards.

Please refund my purchase of the X Theme. The ONLY reason I bought it was to get the advertised look. Since that look is no longer available, I expect a refund.

Hi Ray,

That particular look is still entirely achievable even without the template. However, if you do wish to pursue a refund, please note Envato/ThemeForest handle all requests related to that since we sell our product through their marketplace. You can learn more about the process here.


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