How can I use my XTheme across multiple domains

I use X Theme on my main domain. I wanted to build out a customer portal on a sub-domain. I ended up buying a 2nd license because my first license said it wasn’t eligible to use it with sub-domains. Now I’m trying to set it all up. Is there a way to point my sub-domain X Theme to my main domain settings so I don’t have to set up the whole thing twice and have both Themes independent of each other?

Hello Michael,

Thanks for writing in! Please be advised that we strictly enforce the One License per site policy. You will have to assign the license code first before you can use the license code to validate the X theme installed on the site. For more details about Product Validation, please check this out:

In most case, you will have two different and independent WP installation in your domain and subdomain. unless you are using a multisite setup. Perhaps, this article can help you:

And also, please check this out as well:

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