How can I translate Footer with WPML?

I searched on some previous queries on the forum but the links provided were not there anymore so I’m stuck. I managed to translate almost everything excluding the footer and header of my website (Pro theme)


Hi @klelietta,

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Please go to WPML > Translation Management and make sure that the header and footer were enabled so that it can be translated and the translation flags will display when you are editing in the header or footer builder.

In case if you haven’t seen our documentation, please have look documentation of WPML

For more details about translation and how you can translate it to your own language, please check out our knowledge base

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Hi, I went to the translation management but I couldn’t find anything about the footer and header, can you send me a screenshot? I know most of all to translate the website, it’s already done like 90% all by myself using the strings the only things missing are the header and footer and nothing on the links you provided is new to me.
Thanks for your further assistance on this!

Hi @klelietta,

Please check out this thread this should help you in translating Header and Footer using WPML .

Also see Translating footer doesn't work

Hope this helps!

Thanks I resolved with your first link suggestion, now it works!

You’re welcome @klelietta!
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