How can I apply a custom layout to my portfolio pages?

I love that we can do it with blogs, archives and single blog items. It should be just as easy to make it a layout for a portfolio pages as well.

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You can create a Single layout for the Portfolio items and Portfolio page and assign it through the conditions shown in the given screenshot.

Portfolio Items:

Portfolio Page:

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I tried this, but all my portfolio items are the same now. Also I am unable to edit my portfolio items. I get an error message. Tried each cleaning.

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 12.45.27 PM

Hey @ConsortCreative,

Did you already created a custom layout for your portfolio items? Would you mind sharing your WP details so that we can log in and check your work. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
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Sent. Let me know what you find. Thanks.

Hey @ConsortCreative,

I suspect that you have already figure it out because I don’t see the error you’ve posted above in your Portfolio Single item layout builder.

If that’s not the case, please let us know.

Thank you.

There is an error because I can’t use the builder on additional pages

if I edit a single portfolio page it edits them all. So they are all identical. ( the same portfolio item)

Here is what I got when goin in to create another portfolio item

Hello @ConsortCreative,

Thanks for updating in! I have inspected your Single Portfolio Item layout and you seem to forgot to insert the “The Content” element. This is what you are seeing the warning message that says “Hey! No Suitable preview…”. Be advised that the builder will be use the “The Content” element when you edit an individual portfolio item.

To get your issue resolve, please edit your custom “Single Portfolio Item” layout and insert the “The Content” element.

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Got it. Thanks.

A couple other questions, are there short code snippets similar to the blog post items I can use to show and link items in other profile categories like the ones on the default portfolio pages? Also, I need to show the next 2-3 portfolio items similar to how related blog posts show. How can I modify the blog snippets to work with portfolio items as well?


Hello @ConsortCreative,

In which page you want to to show and link items in other profile categories? You can use Loopers to be able to display categories or portfolio items in your custom layout. If you are not familiar with Loopers yet, please check this out:

And if you want to display related portfolio items, again with the Loopers, you can do that. Perhaps this old thread can help you as your reference:

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I am going to list about 6 portfolio items but more will be added. I want to show 1 or 2 links at the bottom in case the new wants to check out another portfolio item. So, I wanted to filter my looper to show any two portfolio links items but not a repeat of the one being viewed. It would be easier if my layout was setup to do this so that I could take out that step when creating additional portfolio items. Like a blog that automatically shows similar posts at the bottom except the single post that is currently being read. I attached how I currently have the looper set up:

As far as the single portfolio item, I would love to be able to show the category (Website Design, Logo etc) as it shows archives of my other categorized items items and helps SEO. Also if I could add the “Share this Project” Info it would be great also. I would like to be able to edit the text and button style the same way I do when I setup a post section on a custom blog layout. See below:

Thanks for you help so far. This should be my last question on this topic!

Hello @ConsortCreative,

In case you want to show the related portfolio items I would suggest you set the Looper Provider as Query String then add this query string



Or in case you want do display the posts randomly I would suggest you set the Looper Provider as Query Builder, set the Posts as Portfolio Item and Order need to be set as Random

Single-Portfolio-Item-Layout-Builder-Pro (1)

Hope it helps

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