Honest opinion: Can i create a Site like this with Themeco Pro?

Dear folks,

i’d like to create a Site similar to the purpose this one has: https://www.mobile.de/?lang=en

It’s basically a (market) place where private and business people can contact each other to or directly buy cars or caravans from each other.

I really love the pro theme and i did many pages over the last years with x/pro. But i’d like to get the best result and there are specific marketplace themes who serve this or a similar purpose.
And i know here is no third party support, for example Pro + WooCoomerce + Marketplace Plugins.
And designing the specific Layouts in the Layout builder with pro.

So i’d like your honest opinion whether it is realistic to realise site like this with pro.

Kind regards.

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for reaching out.
You can achieve any kind of Design and Functionalities with the Pro or X, but it required complex customization. I would suggest you hire a developer who can assist you to do the customization or you can avail of our newly launched service called Elite service, where we offer complex customization.


Thanks Tristup,

i’d prefer to do it by myself to achieve the maximum amount of control.
But if you say it is possible with, i expect third party plugins and not with Pro internal elements, i’ll go for it.

Do you have any testimonials/references as a list from people that built with X? Maybe there is a similar site i can take a look at.

Hi Matthias,

The suggested customization is through the existing elements with a few complex custom CSS and complex custom PHP code, and it also may require any 3rd Party plugin which fits your customization. And we don’t have any reference to a similar kind of design.


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