Hey I created A imge gallery through ACF But it is not working

i created extra field of image galeery by ACF and added to products then i have a product layout(woocommerce single page layout) i added image element and dynamically use the shortcode and added images in the products but Only in the product (name - BAM Sheet) the image gallery is visible on the front end . and on others products i added images but it cannot showing the image gallery on the front end although the product layout is same .
in the following photos the photos showing

  1. the Product layout (single layout)
    2 the waffle overlay product frontend(in this i added image gallery but not showing in the front end)
  2. edit product of waffle overlay product showing images are added.
  3. frontend of BAM Sheet product showing image gallery
  4. edit product of BAM Sheet product

Hey Ketan,

Thanks for reaching out!

We need to check and investigate your settings properly. That being said, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

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Hello Please find the credentials below.

Hey Ketan,

The issue has something to do with your Looper Provider, upon changing it to {{dc:acf:post_field field="gallery"}}, the gallery is now showing properly.

In the builder:


Hope that helps.

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