Help with cart button not updating automatically


Could you help me figure out why the “cart” button at the top of my website doesn’t automatically update when a customer adds an item to the cart?

I screen recorded a video to show you what I mean, but I don’t know how to attach it on this message. I would be happy to send the video if you could show me how.

My website is

Thank you!

Hi @Nadia,

The Navbar Cart isn’t AJAX enabled so you really need to refresh the page to get the updated value in it. This issue has been already added to our issue tracker for further investigation by our development team.
If you are using the X theme, you can upgrade to Pro and use the Cart elements such as the Cart Items and Cart Total have the AJAX feature and add it to the Custom Header to use for similar purposes.

Please find the link on how to upgrade the X to Pro:

Thank you for understanding,

Is this feature available only to Pro members? Or is there a way to add custom code?
It sounds like a huge hassle to change themes for one tiny ‘fix’ request.
I have so much content on my website and custom code on X theme that I cannot risk losing.

Hi Nadia,

The Cart Items and Cart Total elements are also available with X. What is not available with X is the Header builder.

Unfortunately, We do not have an ETA on when it will be resolved. We are close to releasing a beta for the next release cycle. Our dev team will take a look into this issue, but we can’t guarantee it is something we will be able to fix. There are some issues we’ve seen with plugin integrations not integrating with the AJAX cart.

Meanwhile, the best way you can get a live updating Cart Total is using Pro and adding the “Cart Total” element into your header. It will synchronize anytime a product is added.

I did take a look on your site and it seems it was not heavily customize on the child theme, so it should be fine switching to PRO. However, update to X 9.0.8 and Cornerstone 6.0.8 first, so when you switch latest PRO 5.0.8 there will not be much difference.

Thank you for understanding,