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Hi, I’m pretty much a semi-experienced rank amateur web maintainer, but a rookie at WP and XTheme. Took a course about XTheme a couple years ago but it has really moved on. I did get helpgetting XTheme and design cloud installed from the help articles here and the web hosting guys changed the settings for me so I haven’t run into those type of problems.

Anyhow, I’m doing a new site for our small community organization. I have a design cloud site template downloaded and installed, the Education one, as it seems to be something I can modify to what we are looking for. I’m struggling a bit, though, with what seems to me should be easy. I’ve gone through the media that the design cloud downloaded and have been doing our own images with the same names and sizes as the template ones. But I can’t seem to delete the template ones; what I mean is, image-01 (for example)…I do my own image-01, I permanently delete the image-01 from design cloud, but when I upload my own image-01, the design cloud one just reappears. I just wanted to start with the images being replaced on the design cloud template pages so I can get a feel for how it will all look as I replace text and colors etc. Is there some image cache or something similar I’m missing? I’m sure this is a stupid problem, I think I can stumble my way through most things but this has me scratching my head!

Any suggestions welcome!

Hi @ChristieK,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please check this article on how the images works:

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Hi @marc_a thanks for responding. It actually doesn’t help; I’m trying to just replace the images in the media library with my own images; identical sizes, identical name. But when I delete the Education image, and upload my own image with same name, it appears again as the Education image. So I’m mystified. I keep thinking there’s a cache somewhere. I’m not even working in the pages…I’m in the media library.

I understood that the purpose of the sites in the Design Cloud were to give you a site and you could just replace the content (images, text, rename pages, change colours, etc). I’m just trying to prepare the media library with my own images so they should show up in the design cloud site I’ve downloaded and installed. Before doing anything else. So I’m confused!

Hello @ChristieK

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