Hello , I have some issue with ACF

I want to add ACF field groups Reporters tags taxonomie, but I am not able
would you mind checking this https://www.loom.com/share/45a9045474b849a38ecb446258e9b7f0

Hello Juan Carlos,

Thanks for writing in!

You can use the Terms element and then change the Looper Provider from All Terms to Current Post Terms.

Best Regards.

thank you very much

You’re welcome.

@ruenel Hello , I have the second question
would you mind checking https://www.loom.com/share/8e7e9dc4de2444a59db83c3e29c662f2
Thank you very much

Hello I need the help ,
I have 2 questions

  1. First question is here
  2. Second , I want to add the same tag as you did , but it is not working her , you can check by here https://www.loom.com/share/34591d86494f4428b84ad3387ee8e0e2

Hello Juan Carlos,

1.) You can still use the Terms element and select the correct taxonomy name.

2.) After changing the Looper Provider Current Post Terms, you must select the taxonomy name as well. Do not leave it because it will just go to the default which is the “Categories”.


I have to try , but it did not work , would you mind trying that please? I had sent all the login information to you

Hello Juan Carlos,

Your Looper Provider will Dynamic Content and use this:
{{dc:acf:term_field field="reporters_tags"}}

As for the Journalist/Artist taxonomy, you will use {{dc:acf:term_field field="journalist_artist"}}.

Best Regards.

Thank you very much , only {{dc:acf:term_field field="journalist_artist"}} works , but this did not {{dc:acf:term_field field=“reporters_tags”}}, would you mind helping me please?

Hi Juan Carlos,

You need Looper Provider Dynamic Content:

Please check your custom Single layout now.


thank you very much and your patience , I was able to fix it , there is a possibility of removing the last line in the looper ?

Hello this is the last question ,

  1. please check the video https://www.loom.com/share/9795865c68a3451ebc387b22a028cfd4
  2. , Is it possible to don’t show the horizontal line in the last post of looper ?

Hello Juan Carlos,

You can edit your custom single layout and then use the Terms (Minimal) element. You just need to check the Looper Provider All Terms to Looper Provider Current Terms selecting Reporters Ressources as the Taxonomy.

You can then use {{dc:term:meta key="images_reporters"}} to display the image and the {{dc:term:meta key="full_description_"}} to display the full description.

Best Regards.

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