Headers Corrupted and Need Rebuilding!

The sublevels seem to cause the problem.

Hey Susan,

Yes, it does look like it’s the sublevels. I’ve tested menu with up to 3 sublevels in my test site and the Navigation Collapsed works fine though. I’ve also added menu items and tested sub-leveling the SIMPLE X MENU TEST menu and it still works so I’ll investigate deeper if this is a bug or not.

For now, as a specific solution for your site, you can choose 1 of these options:

  • use the Navigation Layered (see secure note)
  • if reducing menu items works for you, that would be another way
  • rebuild your menu

If you didn’t see the menu icon fields in Appearance > Menus, I’m sorry I temporarily added the script in this thread which disables the said menu icon options. I did that because the menu page is slow to load and removing the custom fields temporarily allowed for faster load time in the backend.

I removed the code after.


Could you let me know after two or three days if those sample menus experience any corruption?

The only plugin I can think, may be the Testimonials, yet I’ve used that forever. I’ve just taken the path of least resistance. If this one messes up, I’ll change to inline navigation. If you’re menus remain the same, I’ll assume that some code somewhere on my site is to blame. (Perhaps an old deactivated version of Cornerstone, which I now deleted, has created some havoc.)

Regretfully, we do not have a system to monitor the changes we made. Please monitor the test menu and test header we’ve created.


Hey Susan,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what resource you need about font settings. The documentation we have about fonts is the Font Manager. See https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/font-manager/101

If that is not what you mean, please open a separate thread for this as mixing topics usually leads to confusion especially this thread is pretty long.


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