Headers Corrupted and Need Rebuilding!

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A message displays that a plugin is in conflict, but I’ll include a list for you. (Embarrassing question: Do I have an extra version of Cornerstone?) I’ve built 20 Headers and the time is no longer worth it.


Try to clear SG Optimizer cache then deactivate it.
This is to test if it’s the one causing the issue.

If that doesn’t help, deactivate all plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.


I’ve clear the cache of the SG Optimizer and deactivated almost everything. I created a new menu and nothing changed. I’ll reboot my computer and check. I cannot leave my seo app off for long (couldn’t use Yoast).

I’m having issues with header yesterday and today. When I edited headers and saved they dissappeared from the front end. In the headers dashboard I clicked on the headers tab and then chose the header i wanted to edit and everything was lost!!! So frustrated! There must be a bug. Now my client’s new site is suddenly without a head - does not look good. This is happening on two sites.

Hello Nadia,

Sure, please let us know how it goes.


Hello Adam,

Please don’t mind but this is a post although similar is started by a different user. Posting on someone else thread create lot of confusion and slows down the response time. Faster response we encourage users to create a new ticket. In that regards I request you to please create a new ticket and someone from support team will take a look. For more details please take a look at our support handbook. When creating the ticket, please share website URL for us to take a closer look.


I’ve spent two months on something that should have taken two hours. Could you help if I give you my login info? I’ve restarted computer, cleared cached on my host, cloudflare and website. I’ve used most of these basic plugins for all my sites with X Pro.

I’ll send privately. Something seems very wrong.

Hi @nadiaonline,

The problem is with the menu and I’m not sure which, I created a sample menu and it works okay. Then I set it back and the problem came back. It’s not a builder issue but something in the menu that breaks the structure.

Could you try deleting the menu items one at a time while testing it? If that works then the issue is coming from that menu item.

Thanks and let me know.

Will do this now.

Did you leave Your menu up to see if it lasts? They all look fine at first. ;-]

Could it be the Bridges Header template?

Hi @nadiaonline,

I guess it could be corrupted while it was installing.

Glad to hear it’s working fine now.

I now understand what you told me ;-> . I had NO IDEA. By ‘menu,’ you meant – ‘menu.’

Thank you. I hate to contact you if I think it is something I should be able to figure out. In this case, I should not have waited so long.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for your patience. Whew!

Susan ;-]

No problem. Just keep in mind that we are always here to help you out.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Could you go in one more time? I’ve added yet ANOTHER new NAV COLL and now when I turn off the graphic icon on the top level menu item, I can no longer click that menu item. I haven’t seen any specific option to not make a menu item clickable (I just turned off the graphic to display of sublevel items more clearly. The space in the NAV container also needs to be filled …

Susan ;-}

Hello Susan,

Please turn on the graphic icon again so that you can see the navigation collapse icon again. If there is no way you can get back to the element settings, you may need to use the skeleton mode to edit the pheaderge for faster response and easy access of the elements on the preview area.

Hope this helps.

**The collapsed menu is still getting corrupted. Can you fix this software? I will have to stop using the tool if you cannot. It has nothing to do with editing.

If you can fix this menu in any way, could you please do this?

The Menu stops responding when the element gets corrupted.

Are you telling me that you cannot fix this?

Hi Nadia,

You mean the menu that I added gets corrupted as well? I re-added it and I’m not getting any issue with it. Perhaps it’s the way the labels are added to menu items and contains special characters? Been testing it and I couldn’t reproduce it on my created and assigned menu for navigation collapsed. Retested it and waited and still works so it’s not temporary.

Or are you still referring the “corrupt” as different issue now? I like to see the bottom of this and I couldn’t reproduce it on any of my installation, this is my first time seeing this too and only specific to your created menu. I’ll continue checking.


Your menu has lasted.

I’ve added a grphic menu with updates. I’ve deleted all my icons AND 2nd level sublevels from my menu to see if it lasts like yours does. I’ll see how it looks tomorrow. If it doesn’t work I’ll just add a single level menu with no icons.

Sorry about my prior message: I was so hysterical earlier. :wink: I need to learn to let things go.

I turned my MEC, SG Optimizer plugins on again to see if they made any difference.

Thanks for your patience and empathy.


You’re most welcome Susan! :slight_smile: