Google Map Issues - Oops! Something went wrong

Hello, I created an API for the Map Element, but I still get the error message, Oops! Something went wrong.

Im not sure what the issue is and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Here is the website,

Hello @IRGmarketing,

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Please make sure that you have created the API key. Kindly check out this first:

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Yes, I created a API and added to the map section, but still does not work.

Hello @IRGmarketing,

There is still a JS error and it says:

Google Maps JavaScript API error: ApiNotActivatedMapError

If you check it here, it means that the Maps JavaScript API is not activated on your API project. You may need to enable the Maps JavaScript API under APIs in the Google Cloud Console. To activate the Maps JavaScript API for your project, check this out:

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Were you able to find a solution? I believe I am having the same problem but feel like I am over my head here.

Hey @Elizabeth,

Thanks for updating the thread. Please make sure that you have set up the Google Map correctly. Kindly check out these documentation articles:

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