Global Styled Pages

Let’s say we have 100 pages all showing in the same design/page template.

Each page has different text and different pictures but the overall style, elements and structure are the same on every page.

Now let’s say we decide the text size or background colour needs to change, is there a way to easily apply this to all the pages?

Hi @dmedianik,

Thank you for writing in, please navigate to Theme Options > Typography there you’ll see the Root Font Size, Body Font family and color, headline font family and color.

The page background color is under Theme Options > Layout and Design

I advise before you start working on the pages, you configure the Theme Options first because the settings there will be your site defaults styling.

Also, please utilize the Color Manager and Font Manager, to easily change a font-family and color in the future.

Hope it helps,

I don’t think you understood the nature of the question. What if I want to change the the layout of elements on 100 pages that are all using the same template? Is there a way to apply that change in bulk?

Hello @dmedianik,

Thanks for updating in!

Are you referring to the same Cornerstone page template you have used when you created those 100 pages? You do not have a way to edit one single template and apply it to the other 99 pages.

So that we will be on the same page, could you please provide us the urls of the pages to avoid confusion. We want to check the layout, text and other elements. If you do not want to share the url in public, just create a secure note in your next reply. To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:


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