Get meta_id from wp_postmeta

Hi team,

So I have built a single layout that gets data from a custom post type and my problem is to get the meta_id from the wp_postmeta table where postID = post ID and meta_key is ‘adress-konstrundan’.

I just can’t figure out how to get the value from meta_id and I have tried everything with Loopers and so on.

As you can see in the db table I need for example the meta_id “7107” where the meta_key is “adress-konstrundan”.
How can I get that value?


Hi @brightfactory,

By withdrawing the post, I believe you already have resolved the issue. If the issue still existed, you can let us know.



No I have not so please help me if you can :slight_smile:

Best regards!

Hi @brightfactory,

There is no option to fetch the meta_id as you are expecting. If you still want to fetch that, I would suggest you hire a developer who can assist you in doing the customization or you can avail of our newly launched service called One TOTAL CARE, where we offer small customizations
Alternatively, you can create custom Dynamic Content tag and return the id from it. To create a custom dynamic content tag, please go through the following thread.

Hope it helps.

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Wow! This was a game changer for sure! With a little more reading in the this forum but now knowing what I was looking for I were able to create a custom DC and return the ID.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi @brightfactory,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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