Hi, Support Team,

I have two licenses; one for X The other for Pro.

  1. X = Staging
  2. Pro = Production
    I want to do the reverse:
  • X = Production
  • Pro = Staging
    How do I proceed because I do not understand the expression


unlock this license


thank you in advance

Hi @Ait_Mohamed,

Thanks for writing in.

You only have one active license which is a Pro license since you upgraded your X license. But if your question is just installing X and Pro. You can download the X theme from your ThemeForest account and install it to your staging site manually. Please check this Try validating it with Pro license.

As for Production, the procedure is the same but you’ll download the pro theme in your Apex’s dashboard page. Then you’ll need to validate it too with your Pro License.

You must apply production and staging URL to your license page before the validation.


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