Font Manager/Customizer not having any affect

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out how Font Manager, Customizer, and individual settings in Cornerstone Text element inter-relate. I’ve set up my preferred fonts in Font Manager, as well as Customizer, but when I go to build a page in Cornerstone and use the Text element, none of those show up and I have to manually set those specifications again - this applies to font family, font size, and color. In some instances, doing that doesn’t even work and I need to write it in the CSS. Furthermore, my navigation menu is showing up as Times New Roman when I already set it to a different font in Customizer. I’m going batty.

As far as I know, I have the latest version of X theme and Cornerstone. I’m running a child theme but that shouldn’t affect things. Help?!

My url is Let me know if you need login credentials. Thanks!

Hi @coracle,

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I have checked your front end and I see that it has no error and you are on the latest version. In this case, share us your admin credentials so we could check why it is happening.

Don’t forget to set it in a private reply.

Usually, upon checking our knowledge base, they could fix the problem. You might want to check this:

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Thanks for the knowledge base article. I’ve set it up as listed. Am I not supposed to use the Customizer font settings then? Where would I set the font sizes and colours across the board if not in Customizer? Do the Customizer settings not have effect on the Text element? Also, my nav font is still showing up wrong. I added a secure note to my original post with the login credentials as I can’t seem to find where to post a private reply. Thanks!

Hello There,

Please be advised that we have removed the theme’s customizer support and we have push our own theme settings which can be access in X > Theme Options. The Fonts can be set particularly in X > Theme Options > Typography and the fonts can be managed with the Fonts Manager. To know more about the font manager, please check this out:

Keep in mind that the Theme Option’s Typography settings will be applied globally across all pages. You might noticed that some of the elements does not follow the global font settings. That is because the v2 elements such as the Text Element has its own default settings. You will have to make sure to use inherit to use the global settings or assign its own font settings as well.

I would recommend that you update to the latest X 6.1.3 and Cornerstone 3.13 because it will handle the fonts more easily. In this new version, the default font settings of the text elements can be turn off and be able to use the global settings instead. Please see the changelog here:

Hope this helps.

Thank you, the updates work much better.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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