Font Issue - Headings

Hi guys,

Just noticed that when I insert a Headline element, it doesn’t have the font, which is applied to the “Headings” from the “Typography” section

even when I change the Font options in the element itself to Headings

But the Classic Heading Elements on the page have the assigned font.

  1. What is causing this?
  2. Also shouldn’t “inherit” mean “inherit the font assigned for the type of element” which in this case is “Heading”

Thank you!

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, please enable the Font Manager option

Then on the Heading Fonts and Body Fonts, assign a font that you have defined in the Font Manager.

Now on the Headline element itself, you can set that as inherit or headings

Introduction to the Font Manager

Hope this shed some lights,

Thank you, that helps!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi, actually noticed another issue - this time it is the color! I did enabled the Font Manager, by the way. Set a color for the headings under Typography, but it doesn’t affect the current headlines (had to change them manually).

How can I control the color globally?

Thank you!

Hello @kcreative,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Please note that elements comes with there own styling. Once you select the color for headline, it will automatically reflect the changes on places that are not controlled by the elements. To change the color of elements, please click on the color picker window and select the color you saved in color manager. So ideally, down the line should you wish to change the color, now you have one place to change the color and it will effect only those elements where you have selected the relevant color template. To learn more please take a look at following article and the What is the purpose of the Color Manager? section.

If you have any further question, please create a new ticket as having multiple questions in the same ticket creates lot of confusion which slows down the response time.


Ok, make sense now! Thank you!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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